Bale Wrapping and Strapping

Depending on the specification, three alternatives are available for automatic wrapping and strapping:

Wrapping Machine AD-WRAP

This new AUTEFA Solutions Wrapping Machine AD-WRAP is a fully automatic external bale wrapping, which is suitable for various applications such as combination with new balers, upgrading of new balers as well as retrofitting of old balers with the system at utmost flexibility. Due to the fact that this unit is not necessarily subject to a fixed place of installation respective connection to one single machine it also is perfectly suited to be integrated in a total solution including bales from several balers. Additionally this installation enables the re-packing bales of inferior packing quality from other machines due to the fact that this device is not connected to any other preceding machine in the process.


The Intra-(Power-)Wrap enables to have a reliable protection of the fibers against any kind of contamination during transport or intermediate storage due to a consistently high wrapping quality.
Two alternatives for the strapping material can be chosen:  PET (standard) or steel band

Dependent on the specification, two alternatives are available for automatic wrapping and strapping: Intra Wrap and Intra Power Wrap.

Both wrapping systems work with the 3-sheet-wrapping.

Capacities of 45 bales/h are achieved with Intra Power Wrap.