Bale Sealing System

AUTEFA Solutions patented Bale Sealing System seals highly sensitive fiber bales for the hygienic industry. With the Bale Sealing System BSS, the fiber bale is securely sealed compared to any other conventional sealing by tape. Interval tightening with AUTEFA Solutions Bale Sealing System BBS ensures the PP- woven bale packing material will not be cut at the bale edges, even with very high strapping tension. Perfect sealed fiber bales meet the need of the highly competitive fiber market. The Bale Sealing System BSS can be retrofitted individually and is also an excellent supplement for new investment projects.

• Professional, industrial bale sealing against contamination during storage and transportation
• Individual adjustment of the strap tension in several steps
• Strapping does not peel off (like tape solutions) under high mechanical loads or at high temperatures
• No contamination of the packaging material by tape
• Easy unpacking, after opening the bale strapping it is easy to handle (no disturbing tape, which has a negative effect while unpacking)
• The Bale Sealing System BSS does not reduce the speed of the baler and can be integrated into the bale transport system or installed as a stand-alone unit.