Automation of Staple Fiber Lines

Depending on how many fiber lines should be automated - one or several - AUTEFA Solutions offers two concepts.

For one fiber line:

  • Lift-Box
  • Nonstop-Ultra
  • Nonstop

For several fiber lines:

  • Uni-Box system
  • Uni-Fork systems

Both are equipped with one of the automatic bale wrapping and automatic bale strapping systems:

  • Intra-Wrap
  • Intra-Power-Wrap
  • AD-Wrap

As well as bale transport:

  • Transport lines
  • Weighers
  • Stackers for 3-bale stacks
  • Sorting

And storage systems


One Staple Fiber Line – Lift-Box

The AUTEFA Solutions Lift-Box offers two alternatives:

  • Semi-automatic baler –automatic feeding, manual packing and strapping
  • Fully automatic baler

The currently biggest fiber lines with capacities of more than 300 t/day can be automated by a Lift-Box baler with

  • Intra-Power-Wrap (Fare-Eastern 40 bales/hour; Tangshan 45 bales /hour)
  • Wrapping Machine AD-WRAP

Several Staple Fiber Lines – Uni-Box

The AUTEFA Solutions Uni-Box makes it possible to compress staple fibers and/or tow alternatively or parallel and to wrap and strap the bales by only one automatic system. A further advantage of both wrapping systems is that the single Lift-Box baling press as well as the Uni-Box installations can be automated later on.

The currently biggest Uni-Box baling system in the world is processing fiber from twelve fiber lines. Nevertheless the fibers are not mixed as:

  • Each fiber line is assigned to a different pre-press
  • The fibers are only pre-pressed in the containers exclusively assigned to a certain pre-press

Each container is recognized by the control of the main press, specific data of the fiber is stored and the containers are returned to the preset pre-press after pressing.