Automatic Needle Exchanger

According to customer requirements the re-needling of the needle boards has to be simple, safe and efficient, in order to avoid long downtimes and to extend the service life of the needle boards. For this service work in a needle punching nonwovens production the Needle Exchanger is the most economic service machine. The manual process of needle insertion, needle exchange or needle removal is physically tiring work. The manual process of needle removal and insertion of new needles includes a high risk of injury and is often difficult to staff. Be honest, no one is willing to do the manual needle exchange. Even if there is enough manpower for a service workshop, there is a high risk of board damage due to manual needle exchange. The Needle Exchanger is our innovative solution which replaces the manual process with a machine engineered to replace needles without damage to the needle boards. The automated process also removes the risk of operator injury and provides a great return on investment.

Needle Exchanger- a unique service machine

With the Automatic Needle Exchanger AUTEFA Solutions offers a  unique service machine. The machine is efficient and equipped with an adapted software system, so that reproducibility and safety at every needle exchange are most important. The Needle Exchanger enables a fully automatic process of insert, exchange and remove without manual intervention. The machine fits into every service workshop and increases efficiency and economy.  For removing and setting of needles no direct involvement of operating personnel is necessary. It is about time that the hammer as the main tool disappears from the needle workshop.

Technical data - needles and boards

  • Needle types 3″ and 3,5″ 
  • Needle board length 270 mm – 1950 mm
  • Needle board width 200 mm – 350 mm
  • Exchange of different needle designs, needle types and needle densities even in one board
  • Automatic needle board detection

Technical data - Needle Exchanger

  • Needle insert up to 1300 needles/h 
  • Needle removal up to 1150 needles/h 
  • Needle board inspection time up to 6500 needles/h
  • Exchange time needle board < 5 min
  • Exchange of different needle designs, needle types and needle densities even in one board


Technical data - needle magazine

  • Needle magazine for up to 12.000 needles
  • Different size of needle boxes for 3” and 3,5” needles
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