Nonstop-Ultra / NSTP-Ultra

The new AUTEFA Solutions Nonstop-Ultra / NSTP Ultra is conceived for continuous bale production and is suitable for man-made staple fiber.

This single box baler is equipped with a press box at the pre-press side, which forms the bale with a pre-pressure of 80 tons. The final pressing at the main press is realised without box upto a maximum pressure of 4.000 kN.

Due to the new concept AUTEFA Solutions is now able to handle 35 bales/h in manual handling and more than 62 bales/h with the fully automatic Wrapping Machine AD-WRAP (Related to the number of straps per bale and the fiber properties).

The baler guarantees well-shaped bales and is designed as a very robust construction. It can be combined with a fully automatic packing system at the main press.

Furthermore, the proven and tested Nonstop- Ultra design is extended by various parts of AUTEFA Solutions renowned Lift-Box Compact (LBC), thus ensuring highest availability.
The modular baling system is available with three pressing forces: 1.500 kN, 3.000 kN, 4.000 kN.

Subject to bulk density, handling time and hydraulic performance, capacities of up to 15.000 kg/h can be achieved. A maximum bale weight of up to 450 kg can be accomplished depending on material specification and bale dimensions. It is possible to extend the baling system with a bale removing carriage as well as a bale transport system at any time.

Additional equipment

  • Wrapping Machine AD-WRAP, fully automatic wrapping & strapping
  • Weigher inside push-in device resp. batch-weigher
  • Gravity feeding resp. pneumatic feeding
  • Bale transport system
  • Bale weighing device
  • Bale storage system

Special features

Major advantages of the AUTEFA Solutions Nonstop-Ultra baler are:

  • Fully automatic wrapping and strapping device suitable for PE (smooth film)
  • High availability
  • Possibility of erection above floor – without foundation pit.
  • Max. available speed at the market
  • Installation above floor - no foundation pit required for erection and commissioning
  • Low power consumption due to regulation of hydraulic unit
  • Easy maintenance with reduced efforts

Materials which can be handled by the machine

  • Man-made and natural staple fiber

Technical Data

Pressing forces: 1500 kN - 4000 kN

Capacities: up to 15 000 kg/h

Bale weights:  250 kg - 450 kg