Lift-Box Compact / LBC

This standard baler design is conceived for continuous bale production, suitable for man-made as well as natural staple fiber.

The Lift- Box Compact is the successor of the Lift- Box Baler type LB and the most successful baler of the last 20 years in the world market. More than 3000 balers of the AUTEFA Solutions double box system have been sold worldwide.

The modular baling system is available with several pressing forces: 1.500 kN, 2.000 kN, 2.500 kN, 3.000 kN, 4.000 kN, 5.000 kN and 6.000 kN.

Subject to bulk density, handling time and hydraulic performance, capacities of up to 15.000 kg/h can be achieved. A maximum bale weight of up to 700 kg can be accomplished depending on material specification and bale dimensions. It is possible to extend the baling system with a bale removing carriage as well as a bale transport system at any time.

The following additional equipment can be combined with the Lift-Box Baler type LBC:

  • Wrapping Machine AD-WRAP, fully automatic wrapping & strapping
  • Intra-Wrap
  • Intra-Power-Wrap
  • Weigher inside push-in device resp. batch-weigher
  • Gravity feeding resp. pneumatic feeding
  • Bale transport system
  • Bale weighing device
  • Bale storage system

Major advantages of the system are the closed press box design, which is a very robust construction and guarantees well-shaped bales, as well as the possibility to combine it with a fully automatic packing system.

The Lift Box Compact achieves the highest availability in comparison with other machines on the market, as a result of developments in cooperation with successful companies in the fiber industry.

Further advantages of the AUTEFA Solutions Lift Box Baler type LBC are:

  • Fully automatic wrapping and strapping device suitable for PE (smooth film) and PP (woven fabric film) wrapping
  • High availability
  • Closed press box
  • Low power consumption due to regulation of hydraulic unit
  • Easy maintenance with reduced efforts

Materials which can be handled by the machine

  • Man-made and natural staple fiber

Technical Data

Pressing forces: 1500 kN - 6000 kN

Capacities: up to 15 000 kg/h

Bale weights: up to 700 kg