Automation baler to bale dispatch

Highest efficiency of a fiber line can only be achieved by consequent automation of the complete final stage of fiber production. AUTEFA Solutions modular system allows to automate certain sections step-by-step, finally resulting in a fully automatic baling system.

After wrapping and strapping AUTEFA Solutions offers the following steps in the automated process:

  • Moisture measuring (if required)
  • Bale weighing
  • Labeling
  • Sorting and pre-stacking

The pre-stacker identifies the bale data relevant for storing, sorts the bales according to this data and stacks them in such a way that they can be stored-in by the storage and retrieval unit or by the storage robot.

  • Storing-in
  • Storing-out
  • Control

Central control of all transport and warehouse components executes the entire warehouse administration as well as the data exchange with superior control systems

The advantages of AUTEFA Solutions are

  • One supplier for the complete system
  • One software solution

Bale tracking and date handling

Materials which can be handled by the machine

  • Handling of all kind of bales

Technical Data

Speed (m/min): No limits

Automation baler to bale dispatch