Plastic Container Industry

For producers of plastic containers AUTEFA Solutions offers several solutions for the container handling between blow moulding and filling or palletizing.

For In-house plants AUTEFA Solutions offers revolutionary buffer solutions between blow moulding and filling.
Due to the modular design concept of the patented tray loader system which has already been installed at well-known companies all over the world, buffering times from a few minutes up to several days are possible and this with considerably reduced space requirement compared to common installations. By this innovative system differences in production times, efficiencies and operational capacities can be equalized. Thus, a so far unknown flexibility in the production process is made available for the customer. The system handles the product so gentle, that even the lightest light-weight bottles could be stored without any quality losses.

For external container production AUTEFA Solutions developed specialized plastic container Palletizers.
Due to our long-lasting experience, patented solutions for gripping and palletizing almost any possible bottle and plastic container shapes are available. Palletizing empty plastic bottles are combined to a complete layer on a tray without pressure. The bottles are held safely from all sides during this process and fallen bottles are avoided. AUTEFA Solutions supplies complete systems from the blow moulding to the warehouse.

Intermediate Bottle Storage System

Intermediate Bottle Storage System – IBSS for buffering of empty plastic containers. Balancing the different capacity and availability between blow moulder and filler to increase the capacity of the entire line.

  • Dynamic buffer system for oriented PET /HDPE bottles and containers between blow moulder and palletizers or fillers.
  • Storing capacity from 5 min. up to several days.


The AUTEFA Solutions Palletizing System is built from several standard components and could be adapted easily to the customer’s needs. Palletizers for small, medium and high speed lines are available.

Our new invention the VacuGrip layer head makes the palletizer independent from container size or shape. This allows the palletizing/de-palletizing of different products or from/to several lines with one machine.

VacuGrip allows cost effective Palletizer/De-Palletizer Systems with one tool and gives the customer all flexibility for future products.

The palletizer uses customer’s pallet with dunnage and all dunnage is loaded from one side only. This allows the upgrade for a fully automatic supply of dunnage pallets to several palletizers in-line and take-over of product pallets from the different lines to a centralized pallet finishing line.