Non Food Industry

Based on its long-lasting experience in the field of handling staple fiber bales including logistics, AUTEFA Solutiosn provides sophisticated installation concepts and technically proven stand-alone machines. Thus AUTEFA Solutions provides solutions for all relevant logistic tasks in the non-food sector.

AUTEFA Solutions delivers complete intralogistic systems starting from product collection out of production machines to the commissioning in the dispatch area.

Palletizing system

The AUTEFA Solutions palletizing system is a 2-, 3- or 4- axis modular robot system in portal frame design for palletizing. Individual packs, rows or whole layers can be handled. Also depalletizing of tangible packages is possible.

With the modular system application-specific, custom-made solutions can be generated.

Depending on the required task and performance more robots can be used. For every needed palletizing task various gripper heads can be used as forked gripper heads, clamp gripper, vacuum gripper heads etc. For each specific application, the optimal product range solution will be selected.

Additional tasks as empty pallet and intermediate layer handling can be integrated into the system.

Fully automatic sorting installation

The AUTEFA Solutions fully automatic sorting installation has been developed for companies which produce products sort by sort and deliver it mixed in a carton or tray. The repacking process is working according to pre-selected mixing patterns. The automatic sorting installation enables the mixing of Tetra packs sizes from 0,2 l – 1,0 l. With special gripper systems also glass bottles and plastic containers can be handled. By means of exchangeable gripper heads arrangements of 2 x 6 / 2 x 8 / 3 x 9 can be created. The tracking of product data to customers ERP system can be included as well as the machine data recording.