Automation Technology

Automation of intra-plant production processes requires exact coordination of different and complex mechanical, electrical and software-related components. As a system supplier, we plan and realize intra-logistic solutions for the organization, implementation and optimization of the intra-plant material flow around your production.


Order related, our sophisticated packing robots are able to commission partial quantities to a customer-specific shipping unit from all provided product groups.


In addition to classic stacking of products, we can offer new intelligent solutions, e.g. the patented Nested Carton Stacker for stacking and turning of partially opened cartons with PET bottles.


By application of state-of-the-art database technology as well as all commercially available marking and readings systems, the product will be safely identified during the entire process.


State-of–the-art software systems allow selective approach of the gripper systems after analyzing the recognized process parameters. This allows, in accordance with a set sequence order, a planned withdrawal of single selected products out of an unsorted total quantity.


When speaking of buffering, we mean the buffer between two production processes for the increase of line efficiency. In connection with our warehousing systems, we additionally offer the possibility of decoupling production processes (for product changeover, different machine capacities or production times).


Process-integrated control and measuring systems constantly check the product‘s, secondary packaging and load carrier‘s quality.


Multifunctional gripper heads enable gentle product handling of load carrier, product and intermediate layer with only one element. Our sophisticated palletizers fully automatically realize the alignment of various layer patterns on varying pallet types and guarantee the accuracy of the complete pallet‘s outside shape at any time.


AUTEFA Solutions realizes transient warehouses, tray and block storages, warehouses with satellite technology and high bay warehouses. Proven and tested high-capacity database technology enables safe data tracking and transparent warehouse management.


By reliable systems, the single products are not only protected against damage and contamination, but also the completed shipping units are secured for transport within and outside of the plant.


Automatically adjustable gripper heads with gripper elements specially adapted to the product based on our modular design concept, guarantee safe pick-up and gentle placing of the product into secondary packaging.


Transport plays a central role within the process chain. For this reason, AUTEFA Solutions offers solutions for almost all conceivable interplant transport requirements.