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We are the trainees of AUTEFA Solutions. Here you can find out more about our entry into professional life. We give an exclusive insight into our experiences during the training at AUTEFA.



Introducing ourselves

"I started my apprenticeship as mechatronics technician at AUTEFA in 2019 and immediately realized that it was the right step for me. In the first year, I was taught all the basic knowledge of mechanical processing such as filing, drilling and milling in the training workshop. In addition to mechanical skills, I was also taught basic electrical skills, including how to use an oscilloscope correctly. I learned a lot during this time. Since the second year of training, I've now been working as part of the staff. I'm getting to know the different departments and the variety of machines and applications.

I particularly like AUTEFA's business unit Automation, as the automation equipment and plants fascinate me. Every day I learn something new while assembling AUTEFA machines."

"I started the apprenticeship as industrial clerk at AUTEFA in September 2020 and I am currently in my first year of training. I particularly like the purchasing department because I have varied tasks here and can do a lot independently.

I appreciate the versatility of the training at AUTEFA. The fact that I change departments every three months gives me a comprehensive insight into the entire company and the different activities of the individual departments. I started already thinking about in which department I would like to work in one day."

"After completing my secondary school, I started the apprenticeship at AUTEFA in 2019. I have the chance to get to know different departments such as purchasing, financial accounting, shipping, service and sales. Thanks to the varied activities and the knowledge imparted, it's never boring.

My favorite department is the service department. In the service I process customer inquiries and prepare quotations. The colleagues take a lot of time to explain everything. What I particularly like about AUTEFA is that I am allowed to work on assigned tasks independently and that working atmosphere in the company is very pleasant ."

"First, I thought the training would mean a big change for me. However, only the weekly routine has changed. I now spend 3-4 days a week at AUTEFA and the remaining days at vocational school. In addition to the theory at school, I have been trained in the basics of mechatronics at AUTEFA. During the apprenticeship I will apply and deepen what I have learned.

I appreciate that mycolleagues take a lot of time for explaining. By now I've already learned a lot in electrics as well as in mechanics (filing, turning and milling). I'm already looking forward to the second year of my apprenticeship, then I can apply what I've learned from the training workshop to real projects."

July 2021, our trip to Austria

As apprentices at AUTEFA Solutions (we are mechatronics technicians and industrial clerks) we have the opportunity to see modules and individual components of our machines during production. In our day-to-day business, however, we rarely have the opportunity to see our machines and systems in operation at full production capacity. As mechatronics trainees, we assemble parts and modules of the machines. As industrial clerks, we come into indirect contact with our machines in purchasing, in the shipping or in the service department.

In July 2021, we were all together with our trainers in Austria for 2 days.

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